Health & Body Image

I’m a little late at jumping on the Katie Hopkins bandwagon, and frankly, I’m not really one for reality/day time T.V. (and nor should you – however that’s a topic for another day) but after stumbling across this video I thought it would be interesting to share my views on it, and invite you to do the same.

The general theme of this ‘interview’ seems to be a Fat vs Thin argument. Which is just wrong on so many levels. There are many gaps that I think need to looked at within our society in regards to how we look at body image and health.

I feel as though I could write a whole book on that subject alone, but to keep it very brief instead…obsessing over body image is not healthy! Exercising because you are giving-in to social pressure from TV, magazines, films, work colleagues, friends, family etc. and wanting to look a certain way because everyone else says you should, is a very unhealthy mindset to have.

Exercising because you want to, because you understand how it benefits you on the inside, as well as the mental stimulus you get (speak to anyone after a workout…they’re always happier) is very healthy.

The argument that sometimes follows this is ‘Well there’s nothing wrong with wanting to just look good’

Fair enough. To you people I would ask the following questions.

Why do you want to just ‘look’ good?

If the answer is ‘because I then ‘feel’ good’…
…ask yourself why?

Moving on, I find it somewhat ironic and rather disturbing that this (sort of) debate is hosted by 2 presenters that are only in the job because of how they look. So despite the fact they openly discuss the social and media pressures that are forced onto all of us every day in regards to looks, they’re guilty of doing it right there and then!

This video also touches on a subject I’m extremely passionate about which is how the young people of today are affected by our current outlook on health, body image and this fat vs thin nonsense. They look at the problems, but not the cause. I think a lot more needs to be done within educating young children about the effects of good and bad nutrition. I understand this is easier said than done though, having known people that have worked in primary schools teaching healthy eating and exercise, only to face severe backlash from furious parents due to their child now refusing to eat chips every night!

True to form of any day time T.V. show, there wasn’t enough depth and clarity on what should have been the most important issue within health and body image.

Mental health.

You can’t just intimidate someone to lose weight. Hardly anyone will respond well to that. I

t’s just bullying, really.

I think by giving someone the dedicated support via education, encouragement and commitment will result in that person developing the self discipline to get and stay healthy, as well genuinely happy on an intrinsic level.

What’s more I think these mental skills are then easily transferable, enabling that person to become successful in any Endeavour they so choose.