‘Healthy’ Cooking Oils

'Healthy' Cooking Oils

Cooking oil can be a bit of a tricky subject for those of us wanting to lose weight and stay healthy.

Some cooking oils may have ‘healthy ingredients’ but when they react with heat, they produce a lot of free radicals; something we definitely want to avoid.

Coconut oil is top of list of healthy cooking oils that DO NOT come with this negative side effect. Because of the saturated fat content (which is actually good for us, remember it’s sugar that’s the real enemy here) it doesn’t react with heat in the same way as other types of fat. Therefore, no free radicals when you use coconut oil!




Fear has stopped so many people achieving what they want to achieve. This is especially true with any fitness and health related goal.

The fear it won’t work
The fear of others laughing at me for trying
The fear of asking for help and confiding in someone else, only to be berated and made to feel small
The fear of hard work
The fear of failure
The fear of success..? (if I reach my goal, then I won’t know what to do next)

The only fear we should have, is the fear of fear. Understand that when you have these feelings of worry, doubt, anxiety and/or fear about something you’re aiming towards, it means you’re on the path to doing something incredible.

If you don’t experience those feelings, your goal isn’t big enough.

December – The Best Month To Join A Gym

December - The Best Month To Join A Gym

December is by far the best month to join a gym. It’s a time of year where most people shift all their attention to Christmas, their health and fitness takes a backseat.

If you’re smart and determined enough to succeed in regards to your health, join a gym now! Not only will you be breaking away from the masses and starting your New Year’s resolution a month early (which also makes it a lot more likely you’ll succeed, most people who start in Jan give up by March…not to be seen again until the following Jan) but also it’s a time of year where gyms and trainers cut prices and get rid of ‘joining fees’ (which is also a massive con, it does not cost £25 for a gym to set up a direct debit).

So, join a gym in December, get a head start on the masses and take advantage of discounted membership and personal training.

Coffee & Fat Loss

Coffee & Fat Loss

There is a positive fat burning effect that drinking coffee (organic beans only) has for us all. In moderate doses, as too much stresses the adrenal glands which produces cortisol, coffee will help you burn more fat by simply speeding up your metabolism. It is also a great antioxidant.

As well as that, compelling recent research shows how it can ‘repair’ our brains – and as such drastically reduces the risk of diseases such as parkinsons and alzheimers as we get older. Again, this applies to organic beans only.

Basically, when it comes to coffee, if you remember to avoid the instant stuff, go for organic beans and don’t add sugar, you will get a lot of benefits.

On a quick side note about sugar, if you ‘have’ to put 2 teaspoons of sugar in your coffee…then you obviously don’t like coffee!

The man made synthetic caffeine we get from energy drinks, however, has 0 nutritional and fat loss benefits for us. As well as, rather ironically, the energy boost you get from an energy drink is incredibly detrimental to your…erm…energy levels. The same goes for bulls**t caffeine tablets marketed as miracle weight loss pills

Finally, another basic rule to keep in mind is that, for fat loss, coffee is great before a workout…but a terrible idea after.


Asking Questions

Asking Questions

Asking questions, and generally being curious is always a good thing. I detest the quote ‘curiosity killed the cat’. Frankly, a lack of curiosity would see us still living like cavemen!

With weight loss, asking yourself questions is important, but asking the right questions is vital if you’re going to really succeed long term.

I’ll give you an example:

Question 1 – Why am I so fat?

Question 2 – What can I do to lose fat?

If you spend most of your time asking yourself why you’re so fat, why am I so unfit, why can’t I fit into my old clothes etc. your focus is very negative, and as such, you actually reinforce the bad habits you currently have…

..If your focus is on being overweight…then you will always be overweight!

Shifting your focus from ‘Why am I’ to ‘What can I’ is such a simple but powerful weight loss tool.

When your focus is on weight loss, health and fitness; you’ll be amazed with the great ideas your brain comes up with


4 Weeks In, & This Is Just The Start

4 Weeks In, & This Is Just The Start

This is my client Greg after (just under) 4 weeks with Sam’s Fit Foods, both of us are delighted, but only 1 of us surprised with his progress at this very early stage.

Although the physical difference is clear to see, it’s his change in mindset that has impressed me the most; and so early into his healthy weight loss plan, too.

Every day he’s been telling me how much better he feels in himself, how much more energetic he is and how much more motivation he has to keep going and succeeding.

This is my main focus, anyone can tell you how to lose a bit of weight, but developing the mind in a healthy way too, that’s the key to permanent weight loss!

Basically, with Sam’s Fit Foods there’s just as much focus on the mind, as well as the body!


Gym Bullies

Gym Bullies

The gym can be a very intimidating place for some people, especially for people who believe they’re either far too big, or too small.

At first glance, this might seem strange. After all, the concept of a gym is to give people a place to go so they can transform their health. In its most simplistic form, it’s a place for people to become either smaller, or bigger.

But unfortunately, almost every gym I’ve been to (in England, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Sweden) has just a small number of people seemingly set on ruining it for those who really need it.

If you’re overweight and feeling slightly insecure about yourself, of course the idea of going to a place where people are going to point, laugh and ridicule you will not be one you’re even remotely willing to entertain.

If you can relate to this, I would like to offer you a few words of encouragement.

For every person that points or laughs, there will be so many more people that are both directly and indirectly motivated, encouraged and inspired because of what you’re doing.

Putting yourself in a position where you might face ridicule, but choosing to ignore it, get on with what you’re doing and keep progressing towards a healthy goal will also silence those who once laughed; and maybe open their eyes to how small-minded they have been.

Also, if you are the type of person that points and laughs at people in the gym for not looking a certain way, remember this…