Start Your Day The Right Way…Don’t Eat Cereal

Start Your Day The Right Way...Don't Eat Cereal

If you want to lose weight, don’t eat cereal for breakfast! It really is that simple.

The benefits of cutting out cereal go way beyond fat loss, but unfortunately, due to a combination of clever marketing over the years and the fact that us humans can be very reluctant to accept new ideas, a lot of us are metaphorically shooting ourselves in the foot before we’ve walked out the front door.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you want to shift some unwanted body fat. Eating cereal (even the ones that say they’re healthy, and have a lovely, but photoshopped, model on the box) will encourage the storage of fat…unless you are in a very insulin sensitive state already. This is because foods such as cereal (the same applies to toast, too) increase the amount of insulin and glucose in your blood stream. If you are currently wanting to lose weight, chances are your muscles are not sensitive to insulin yet; in short this means the insulin cannot take the glucose to your muscles and will be stored as fat instead.

Also, cereal and toast increase your serotonin levels. This actually makes you sleepy, and could be why you crave your 2nd cup of coffee before 10am. In fact, for some clients I have advised them to eat porridge about an hour before bed…and they say their sleep has improved because of it. However, this is dependent on your level of progression on a fitness and nutrition plan designed to increase insulin sensitivity, and therefore fat loss.

There are so many options we have available for breakfast that come with a plethora of physical and mental benefits. If you would like to know more on that and fat loss in general, feel free to contact me via the site.