‘Healthy’ Cooking Oils

'Healthy' Cooking Oils

Cooking oil can be a bit of a tricky subject for those of us wanting to lose weight and stay healthy.

Some cooking oils may have ‘healthy ingredients’ but when they react with heat, they produce a lot of free radicals; something we definitely want to avoid.

Coconut oil is top of list of healthy cooking oils that DO NOT come with this negative side effect. Because of the saturated fat content (which is actually good for us, remember it’s sugar that’s the real enemy here) it doesn’t react with heat in the same way as other types of fat. Therefore, no free radicals when you use coconut oil!




Fear has stopped so many people achieving what they want to achieve. This is especially true with any fitness and health related goal.

The fear it won’t work
The fear of others laughing at me for trying
The fear of asking for help and confiding in someone else, only to be berated and made to feel small
The fear of hard work
The fear of failure
The fear of success..? (if I reach my goal, then I won’t know what to do next)

The only fear we should have, is the fear of fear. Understand that when you have these feelings of worry, doubt, anxiety and/or fear about something you’re aiming towards, it means you’re on the path to doing something incredible.

If you don’t experience those feelings, your goal isn’t big enough.